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Assessment & Consulting

ASI employs a wide range of subject matter experts (SME) with a broad range of expertise in the assessment, consulting and development of customized solutions for policy and governance programs, infrastructure development, economic development; training and capacity building programs; and private sector business enterprise.

We assist our clients by conducting full scope assessments of existing policies, programs and infrastructure or conduct comprehensive needs assessments to help our clients identify areas of need and develop financial plans and resources to meet their goals.

We perform gap analysis between current and desired states and present our clients with detailed Assessment Reports highlighting our findings and recommending comprehensive, cost effective and scalable solutions, and financial planning tools. ASI and our family of companies have a broad range of expertise and provide a wide range of customizable solutions to our clients.


Business Mentoring

ASI mentors small and emerging businesses to focus their talents and expertise, expand their client markets and develop capital and infrastructure through partnerships, joint ventures, and prime/subcontracting relationships.

If your organization is looking for a mentor to help build your business portfolio and infrastructure, or you are interested in offering your organization’s services or solutions in support of ASI projects, please CONTACT US today for a no obligation screening and assessment.

We assist our clients by conducting full scope assessments of existing programs and infrastructure … and providing comprehensive, cost effective and scalable solutions.

Assessment & Consulting Programs
  • Policy & Governance
  • Economic Development & Financial Planning
  • Taxation
  • Trade and Investment
  • Mining Policy
  • Elections Monitoring
  • Humanitarian Crises & Aid
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Technology & Resource Assessments & Procuration
  • Business Intelligence & Market Assessments
  • Small Business Enterprise Development
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Program Assessments
  • Security Engineering & Design
  • Threat & Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Security Assessments (Offensive & Defensive, Penetration Testing)
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Geographic Evaluation & Mapping
Assessment & Consulting Cycle
  • Gather Facts
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Document Findings
  • Make Recommendations
  • Deliver Solutions

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