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Secure Blockchain Data Solutions

Introducing the first easy-to-use, intuitive blockchain protected data visualization platform that allows anyone to visualize big data, empowering people with real-time information around the globe to easily CONNECT and CREATE positive change.

Giving Data Meaning and Value In Real Time

Aequitas Big Data and Blockchain Solutions (“Data Solutions”) equips governments with the ability to collect, aggregate, visualize, match, analyze and secure large amounts of disparate data. Our solutions are purpose built for specific use cases, empowering users around the globe to connect real-time information to create positive change, using the most advanced blockchain technologies to protect and distribute the data in the most secure way possible.

The Big Data Problem

Governments and other organizations have a big data management problem. The issue isn’t a lack of data – it’s a lack of effective and coordinated data collection, structuring and analysis. Data exists in disparate data silos, but there is no single consolidated data warehouse. This leads to many big data problems.

  • Data Limited, Incomplete & Disparate
  • Data Stored in Multiple Locations & Not Relatable to Other Data
  • Storage Limitations & Limited Life Span
  • Data is Not Secure or Private & is Subject to Loss and Compromise
  • Data is Difficult & Time Consuming to Analyze and Give Meaning
  • Data Cannot Be Accessed or Distributed From Anywhere – In Real Time

Our Solutions

Our Data Solutions have been developed to solve the big data problem by creating a single system that provides and end-to-end solution to bring together disparate data silos into a secure, consolidated data warehouse; analyzing, connecting and visualizing the data to give it meaning and value. Now decision makers don’t have to wait for quarterly, bi-annual or annual reports. Data now becomes extremely valuable, allowing decision makers to make more timely and accurate action plans and decisions based on real time data.

  • Data Collection – Data is aggregated from your disparate data silos and can also be collected in real time using our customizable collection tools, templates and applications that work in online or offline mode. Electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, RFID scanners, bar scanners, QR code readers and biometrics collection tools can be deployed as an integrated part of the collection system.
  • Data Aggregation – Data is aggregated into a single consolidated data warehouse, so all your data is in one place.
  • Data Analysis & Matching – Once aggregated, data can be analyzed, cross referenced and matched to each other at lighting, intuitive speeds using our artificial intelligence technologies. Geospatial, temporal and relationship analytics give the data meaning and value.
  • Data Visualization – Our device agnostic visualization platform geo-locates and plots data sets on an easy to use and relatable format, a Map. Embedded is powerful smart logic with specific events triggering automated alerts and notifications to the appropriate users.
  • Secured by Blockchain – Consolidating and analyzing data fixes part of the problem, but how do you secure that data? ASI solves the data security problem by securing your data in a non-immutable transactional ledger that can be shared and distributed across authorized users in a specified network. Blockchain technology codes each transaction, building on the history of historical transactions, creating an exponentially complex algorithm to secure the data against compromise.

Why Is Our Data Solutions Platform So Effective?

  • It helps to solve complex problems that cannot be solved with traditional technologies, systems, or analysis techniques.
  • It aggregates all your data in one location, allowing you to perform multi-dimensional analysis and give the data meaning and value.
  • It creates identifiable networks whereby different participants, assets and transactions can be shared between interrelated participants.
  • It secures and protects the integrity of data transactions by using consensus, immutability, and origin attributes.
  • It reduces the cost of government & business processes by removing duplication & increasing efficiency.
  • It eliminates the middleman to verify transactions.

Use Cases

Aequitas Data Solutions can be used to solve complex problems for governments and private entities by aggregating, analyzing and monitoring data in real time.

  • Taxation – Improves tax collection capabilities of the government and creates reliable and accurate tax records.
    • Property, Rental, Business, Licensing, etc. Tax Collection
  • Digital Identification – Making citizens visible to the government and allowing them to securely transact business together.
    • Facial, Iris, Fingerprint Capture
    • Cross Referenced With Other Government Records Systems
  • Records Management – Improving the Accuracy and Reliability of Records
  • Asset Registration
  • Livestock & Wildlife Traceability and Management – Track and Monitor in Real Time, Veterinary Records Management, Migrations, Disease Management
  • Agricultural/Food Supply Chain & Security – Reduce Spoilage, Reduce Inefficiencies, and Identify Positive and Negative Trends
  • Healthcare – Electronic Records Management, Supply Chain and Claims Processing/Files
  • Disease Management (People and Animals) – Real Time Trends and Analysis
  • Supply Chain and Logistics – Real Time Transactions, Visibility, and Supply Chain Management
  • Education – Student Records Management & Accountability
  • Displacement, Stabilization & Development – IDP, Resources and Records Management
  • Workforce Development – Training, Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer Programs
  • Trade and Export Development – Commoditizing and Monetizing Data to Develop Successful Trade and Export Strategies
  • Mining – Real Time Supply Chain, Inventory, & Transaction Management
  • Risk Provenance
  • Maintenance – Tracking, Records Management, Accountability, Alerts, Trend Analysis
  • ……..And the Possibilities Are Limitless


ASI provides complete end to end support to our customers by employing an end-to-end solution model (ABOT). We can come in at any phase in the project management cycle to offer support.


Assessment & Gap Analysis

Assess current technologies, programs, and capabilities and perform gap analysis between current and desired states. Provide recommendations, courses of action, cost analysis and implementation planning.


Design & Build

Design, build, and/or integrate customized technologies.


Operations & Knowledge Transfer

Assist in the operation of programs and technologies, while providing a wide variety of training and capacity building programs for knowledge transfer. This side by side approach ensures a seamless transition in the continuity of your operations.


Ongoing Support

Once your personnel are fully trained and capable, ASI will provide as much ongoing support as you need (all, some, none).

Strategic Partners

Customers may require technology solutions in addition to our current products. For this reason, we have developed a network of reliable, reputable and market proven Strategic Technology Partners who provide technologies to augment the capabilities of our systems.

We are always seeking additional strategic partnerships with other technology firms. If you are interested in working with ASI and offering your technologies in support of our projects or are interested in integrating our technologies into your projects, please CONTACT US.

World Class Support

Customer service is at the core of all we do. ASI offers many different purchase and lease options to fit your budget and needs. Systems are deliverable anywhere in the world with delivery, setup and a user training programs included.

ASI will provide ongoing maintenance, updates, enhancements, and technical/warranty support, as needed.


For more information on our Blockchain/Data Solutions, please CONTACT US.