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Technology & Resource Procurement

ASI understands that each client has different needs, so we utilize our expertise in assessment and evaluation to determine exactly what those needs are and deliver solutions to build your capacity.

ASI understands our clients are primarily focused on developing and managing their enterprises, so we work hard to assess, evaluate, identify and deliver your resource needs. ASI also understands the legal and regulatory restrictions that can make procurements very complicated and navigates those complex processes on your behalf.

We represent our client’s interests by identifying and delivering the correct technology and resource solutions, by managing a step by step process to insure procurement, delivery, integration, training and ongoing technical support.

Training & Capacity Building

ASI employs and contracts a large network of Subject Matter Experts (SME) with uniquely diverse experiences and knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) in a wide array of technical and vocational skills. Our SMEs have developed comprehensive training and evaluation programs to increase the KSA of your personnel.

ASI consults with our clients, assesses your needs and then matches you to the appropriate training and evaluation regimen. ASI can also help your organization build and develop your own customized training and evaluation programs through our train the trainer programs.

ASI utilizes a variety of mechanisms to facilitate training including a unique and interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) platform with electronic training records management, Mobile Training Teams (MTT), Scenario Based Training, Train-the-Trainer, Dynamic Skills and Static Site Training. If you need the training, we will match you to the delivery mechanism that works best for your organization.

We utilize our expertise in assessment and evaluation to determine exactly what your needs are and deliver solutions to build your capacity.

Technology & Resource Procurement
  • Step 1: Client Consultation – Tell ASI What You Need and Why
  • Step 2: Assessment & Research – ASI Assesses Your Specific Needs and Researches Solutions
  • Step3: Negotiation – ASI Negotiates Price, Warranty, Delivery and Maintenance
  • Step 4: Legal & Regulatory Compliance – ASI Ensures Full Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Step 5: Delivery – ASI Insures Successful Delivery
  • Step 6: Integration (If Applicable) – ASI Manages Successful Integration
  • Step 7: Training – ASI Coordinates and Facilitates Training for Operating and Maintaining Technology and Resources
  • Step 8: Technical Support – Tier 1-3 Ongoing Technical Support
International Training Courses
  • Policy & Governance*
  • Economic Development*
  • Police*
  • Military*
  • Border Control*
  • Medical*
  • Security*
  • Tactical Skills*
  • Cyber Security*
  • Cyber Forensics*
  • Security Program Development & Management
  • Active Shooter
  • Intelligence Gathering, Evaluation & Dissemination*
  • Antiterrorism/Counterterrorism Program Development & Management
  • Training & Evaluation Program Development
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Travel Safety & Cultural Awareness
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
  • Bomb/EOD Training*
  • Contingency/COOP Planning
  • Emergency Management*
  • All Hazards Threat & Risk Assessments*
  • Leadership & Management*

*Indicates a wide variety of courses

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