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Communications Intelligence

The Challenge

Governments face many national security challenges from terrorists, transnational criminal organizations and subversives intending to destabilize legitimate governments. These organizations use multiple sources of communications to coordinate illicit activities that pose a threat to the national security and long-term stabilization of governments.

Lawful collection, surveillance, monitoring and analysis of real-time or historical communications intelligence is crucial to legitimate national security/defense, intelligence and enforcement agencies; providing actionable intelligence for decision makers. 

End-to-End Intelligence Capabilities

Our Aequitas Intelligence Management (AIM) portfolio and Fusion Center architecture provides a complete multi-source, multi-dimensional collection, aggregation, monitoring, and analysis system.  All intelligence is aggregated (“fused”) into ONE consolidated Fusion Center delivering a complete end to end intelligence capability.

ASI Communications Intelligence Solutions equip governments with the ability to be proactive rather than reactive in their intelligence missions. The product capabilities allow plug and play modules which create high quality, high capacity, deep analytics network monitoring solutions to support national security missions.

Our systems are designed to interrogate and collect data from various devices across multiple wireline and cellular networks (CDMA/GSM/UMTS/LTE), Wi-Fi communications, internet protocol and packet data.

Due to the sensitive and proprietary nature of these technologies, additional information is restricted to very select authorized government agencies.

Training & Support

Systems are delivered globally and will be ready to deliver a true competitive advance to your organization after installation.

ASI will train Users, Engineers, and Administrators. Customized training programs include on-site training and evaluation, train the trainer and ongoing remote training support.

ASI also provides ongoing maintenance, updates, enhancements, and technical/warranty support. 

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