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Displacement & Humanitarian Support


ASI offers a broad range of Displacement and Humanitarian Support solutions designed to provide support for large societal dislocations and stabilization crises.  Effective planning and execution are essential elements in managing massive displacements, but this requires real-time, actionable data.

To execute an effective stabilization plan, we create structure and order by gathering crucial real-time data in the field, analyzing the data with intelligent tools and providing quality conclusions and actionable intelligence for mission support personnel and decision makers.

A Nimble Agile Approach

ASI provides critical support to these crises by using a holistic approach, whereby our data proliferation platform can be deployed quickly and efficiently to provide critical real-time data to mission support personnel and decision makers.  Our data platform (Fusion Centre) is an end-to-end system that includes mobile data collection and aggregation, real-time data visualization, real-time social media and open source analytics, and big data analytics.

We can also easily interface with your internal and external disparate data silos to give your data greater value and meaning.

Privacy & Security

We offer stand-alone/on-premise solutions, physical or virtual appliances, and cloud-based solutions; depending on your mission needs and security requirements.

We can also secure, track and distribute your data using our blockchain technologies (See Blockchain Data Solutions Page).

Data Support

We provide full visibility of historical, real-time, and evolving data that is crucial for managing highly volatile and quickly evolving displacement, humanitarian, and stabilization crises.


  • IDP/Refugee Management (Movements, Transactions)
  • Identification Management
  • Information Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Asset/Inventory Tracking & Management
  • Food Security
  • Security Operations
    • Security Vetting/Due Diligence
    • Threat/Risk Assessment (Historical, Real-Time, Evolving)
    • Real-Time Intelligence (Social Media, Open Source)
    • Unsafe Route Conditions, UXOs, Hot Spots
    • Personnel Movements/Human Capital Management
    • Sentiment Analysis
      • Historical, Real-Time, & Evolving
      • By Location, Topic, Demographics
    • Ground Truth/Event Indexing (Historical, Real-Time & Evolving)
    • Political Unrest and Instability Analysis
  • Migration Trends
  • Records/Case Management
  • Electronic Healthcare Records Management
  • Medical Trends
    • Historical, Real-Time, Evolving
    • Disease Management
  • Financial Management
    • Transactions
    • Consumption Rate Analysis
    • Forecasting/Budgeting/Planning

More Information

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