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As our name Aequitas personifies, our passion is ensuring equality of life for people around the world in a broad range of circumstances and geographic regions. We provide humanitarian aid and development support in times of crisis and instability.

ASI respects the sanctity of human life and our Mission is to advance and preserve security, stability, prosperity and fundamental human rights leading to self-reliant populations.

ASI provides full scope support through critical stages of crisis evolution through provision of data collection, aggregation and analysis; and the development and management of logistical solutions; security and stabilization programs, and capacity building programs.


Stage I – Crisis Assessment & Response: Providing shelter, food, water, logistics, medical support and security solutions to bring stability to the crisis and meet critical human needs.

Stage II – Infrastructure Development: Providing assessment, planning and development of infrastructure needs, technologies and resources.

Stage III – Capacity Building: Providing educational and vocational training, and capacity building programs; designed to empower individuals and lead governments towards long term sustainability solutions.

Stage IV – Long Term Sustainability: Providing customized strategic planning and solutions to advance security, infrastructure development, and crisis resolution initiatives leading to long term growth, stabilization and self-reliance.

Our Four Pillars Model focuses on the programs designed to assist governments and aid/development organizations through the stages of crisis evolution.

ASI’s services are highly customizable and scalable. We can support our clients by coming in at any phase in the crisis cycle to provide all or some of the necessary support solutions.

We respect the sanctity of human life and strive to advance security, prosperity, stability and fundamental human rights.

 Four Pillars Model

Security & Stabilization
  • Assessment (Intelligence, Risk, & Threat)
  • Security Programs Development and Support
    • Intelligence & Information Fusion
    • Counterterrorism/Antiterrorism Programs
    • Border Control & Immigration Programs
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection Programs
    • Security Technology Solutions (Cameras, Access Control, Alarms, Biometrics, Communications, Command & Control)
    • Perimeter Solutions (Fences, Barrier Systems, Ballistics Protection)
    • Screening & Evaluation Programs
    • Supply Chain & Logistics Security and Management
Infrastructure Development
  • Infrastructure Needs Assessment
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Geographic Evaluation & Mapping
  • Funding Research, Procurement & Allocation
  • Water Exploration & Development
  • Energy & Power Solutions
  • Sustainable Living Environments (Short & Long Term)
  • Food & Logistical Support
  • Medical Facilities & Support
  • Agriculture & Livestock Development
  • Transportation Infrastructure
Capacity Building
  • Trade Skills Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Government Training Programs
  • Resource & Technology Development
  • Assimilation & Placement Programs
  • Business Enterprise Assessment & Development
  • Business Enterprise Advocacy & Investment
  • Advanced Security & Stabilization Program Development
  • Advanced Critical Infrastructure Initiatives
  • Agricultural, Mineral and Resource Development

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