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At ASI, we believe that security and stabilization programs are paramount to our customers. ASI offers a variety of security support and consulting services in varying environments and vertical markets across the globe. Our primary focus is to become the trusted advisor to our clients in fulfilling their security and risk management needs and initiatives through the design, development and implementation of enterprise wide security programs and operations.

ASI integrates true end-to-end security solutions, empowering our partners with the ability to offset risk, maximize capacity, function effectively, and protect the integrity of personnel and operations in complex, hostile and higher risk environments.

We also assess and provide consulting on national level security and stabilization policies and programs.

Our Security Program and Operational Staff are comprised of highly skilled and uniquely trained subject matter experts with decades of experiences across the globe in a variety of specialized disciplines. We utilize their unique and diverse skill sets to develop customized security and risk mitigation teams that can operate in a variety of domestic and international environments. We closely match our personnel to each client, mission, and area(s) of operation to ensure you are getting the best subject matter expert to meet our client’s specific needs.

Our primary focus is to become the “trusted advisor” to our clients in fulfilling their security and risk management needs and initiatives through the design, development and implementation of enterprise wide security programs and operations.

Our Security Experts
  • National Security
  • Diplomatic Security
  • Military Special Operations
  • Border Control / Immigration
  • Personal/Close Protection
  • Maritime Security
  • Federal Agents/Investigators
  • Counter/Anti – Terrorism
  • Intelligence/Threat Analysts
  • Physical Security
  • K-9 Detection and Patrol
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Security Technology Integration
  • Security Engineering & Design
  • Security Management
  • Tactical/Combat Medics
  • Bomb/EOD Specialists
  • Cyber Security
  • Tactical Operations
  • Training & Evaluation
Security & Stabilization Services
  • National Security Policy & Governance Assessment & Consulting
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Program Design, Development & Management
  • Security Technology Assessment, Design & Integration
  • Cameras, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Mass Communications
  • Security Engineering & Design Consulting
  • Geospatial Tagging, Tracking & Accountability of Personnel & Assets
  • Perimeter Solutions
  • Fences, Gates, Barriers, Intrusions Detection
  • Physical Security (Armed & Unarmed Guards)
  • Personal/Close Protection Operations (Executives, Key Personnel, VIP, Government)
  • Pre-Deployment Security Planning
  • Coordination/Integration with Host Nation Authorities
  • Counter/Anti-Terrorism Planning & Programs
  • Crisis Incident Response & Management
  • Emergency Extraction
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Security
  • Predictive Intelligence (Live Time, Social Analytics, Ground Truth Assets)
  • Training (See Capacity Building and Training Page
  • Emergency Medical Support & Evacuation
  • Investigations Support
  • Background/Due Diligence Vetting/Security Clearances
  • 24/7 Command, Control & Communications Center Integration & Staffing
  • Ballistics Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring
  • K9 Services
  • Patrolling, Bomb Screening, Drug Screening
  • Site Surveys

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