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People talk, express beliefs, post facts, and demonstrate sentiment via the largest information database in the world – the World Wide Web. Aequitas Social is a non- attributable, real-time social media and open source intelligence (OSINT) collection, monitoring and analysis platform. Aequitas Social constantly collects data from over 32 million URLs (including backwards in time), translated from over 60 languages to native language. Aequitas Social can quickly identify critical sentiment, evolving/trending topics and key words, and Influencers, providing your organization critical intelligence and the ability to control the narrative. Social media and open source sites positively or negatively influence everything from corporate brands to political landscapes. Aequitas Social is multi source/multi-dimensional tool that collects, monitors, and analyzes data from open source websites, social media sites, articles, posts, blogs, chatrooms, videos, documents, text and more. Aequitas Social brings to life real-time, historical and evolving sentiment, topics, keywords, phrases, and trends with geographic and demographic uniqueness, helping you to understand what is being said and why.

Aequitas Social collects, monitors and analyzes specific data sets of interest to  our organization, based on project parameters you establish in the system. The system alerts you when there are evolving topics that begin to trend around projects you have established. This provides the capability to discover the ‘unknowns” you were not even looking for but may be of extreme value. Aequitas Social enhances your ability to see and analyze user behaviors/profiles and provide a geospatial visualization for events and alert reporting. Aequitas Social identifies “Influencers” that are positively or negatively effecting your brand or interests. Influencers are determined by a scoring matrix that tracks the volume of activity, nature of the sentiment, and the followers the Influencer is reaching and attracting with the message. Our system provides social media and OSINT by identifying:

  • Top Influencers (including actual snippet and post)
  • Sentiment Negative and Positive
  • Sentiment Trends
  • Top Authors
  • Top Sites for Topics / Key Words / Volume
  • Top Sources – news, video, blog, post, etc.
  • Source (blog, news article, post, etc.) by Volume and/or by Topic/Keywords
  • Geographic Uniqueness by topic
  • Topic/Key Word Trends Over Time
  • Snippet Volume Trend Over Time by Topics/Keywords
  • Author Location Visualization
  • Evolving Topics/Key Word Sentiment
  • Evolving Topics by Location + Trending Topics/Key Words
  • Evolving Topics by Theme and Trending Topics/Key Words
  • Sentiment Snippet by Volume by Geography/Location/Regional Uniqueness
  • ……..And More

Aequitas Social Differentiators

There are other social media and OSINT tools on the market, but Aequitas Social is vastly different because of the way we collect and analyze data. Aequitas Social is a stand-alone, on-premise solution, not cloud based, giving your organization privacy, security and non-attribution in your collection and analysis activities. Choosing the right tool is critical in meeting your organization’s objectives. Our unique capabilities place us in a field of one. CONTACT US today to learn more.


Social media influences and sways opinions on everything from corporate brands, to political landscapes and evolving ground truth. Aequitas Social is multi-source and multi-dimensional collection and analysis tool that gathers open source intelligence from websites, articles, posts, blogs, chatrooms, videos, documents and much more.

It brings to life geographic and regional sentiment by understanding what is being said, why, and by whom. Aequitas Social helps you to discover the unknowns and enhances your ability to see behavior profiles and provide a geospatial visualization for events and alert reporting.

Use Cases

National Security & Defense

Surveillance & Monitoring
Investigations Support
Threat/Risk Assessment


Business Intelligence
Marketing & Brand Recognition
Demographic Analysis
Public Media Relations

Elections Support

Evolving Sentiment
Demographic Analysis
Regional Uniqueness
Ground Truth


Systems are delivered globally and will be ready to deliver a true competitive advance to your organization in less than 24 hours from delivery.

ASI will train Users, Engineers, and Administrators. Customized training programs include on-site training and evaluation, train the trainer and ongoing remote training support.

ASI also provides ongoing maintenance, updates, enhancements, and technical/warranty support.


For more information on our Social Media & Open Source Intelligence solutions, please CONTACT US.